Aromas can cater your next event whether it’s an office function, game night, or a party; our catering menu ranges from canapés, lunch boxes and buffets.
We require a minimum 72 hours notice however, for your last minute needs, we can cater from our daily menu.
Delivery can be made by local taxi company or by collection from our store. If you like us to organize the catering equipment & staff hire for you, we are happy to place your order with ABC Hire and Surrey Event Hire respectively.
Canapes with cured ham (jamon or prosciutto) on banquet table, selective focus
Sample Catering Menu
Savory (Minimum order 6 portion for each selection)
GBP 6.5 per portion
*Char-grilled cauliflower with chilli and garlic
*Wild rice with lentil, currants, pine seeds and fried crispy onions
*Mixed Green Beans
*Oven-roasted baby potatoes with preserved lemon, walnuts, and fresh fennel
*Greek Salad
*Fine bulgur with red pepper paste, spring onion, tomato, mint and parsley
*King prawns in marina sauce
*Cheese & Meat samosas
*Mini Aromas burgers
*Mini Feta cheese, sweet red pepper and rocket sandwiches
*Tomato salad bruschetta Guacamole Dip with home made flat bread
*Crab Cake with sweet chili sauce
*Lentil Soup
*Grilled Aubergine with grilled mixed peppers, parsley in black garlic yoghurt dressing
*Mini meatballs with tahini yoghurt dip
*Sweet Red Peppers stuffed with feta cheese mixed with parsley
*Savory biscuits
*Bureka flakey pastry stuffed with spinach and feta
*Falafel with tahina dip
*Savory scones 
*Roasted Sweet Potatoes with kale and pine nuts
*Pasta Salad mixed with pan-fried courgette, mixed peppers, feta, raisin and walnut
*Mini meatball wrapped in fried aubergine Potato, feta, cumin fritters
 with honey mustard dip
*Curry and yoghurt marinated grilled chicken skewers
*Seasonal green salad mix
*White Beans mixed with pomegranate, parsley, red peppers and spring onions
Sweet (Minimum order 8 pax)
GBP 7.50 per portion 
*Variety of biscuits
*Mango cheesecake
*Banana caramel tea cake
*Apple-Rhubarb-Blackberry crumble cake
*Chocolate brownie
Administration Charges for Catering & Staff hire GBP 75 fixed rate
We do not have any mark up on hired companies charges. You will pay their costs as charged.